I am Doctor Franco Fontanesi

I worked for 40 years as a family doctor and in all that time I followed and treated more than 1,500 patients gradually realising how the problems of the spine have become so common that they affect individuals of all ages. This is why, many years ago, I decided to create and patent a series of cushions as a concrete solution for the prevention and cure for all the most common spinal column problems, especially neck pains, herniated discs and lumbo-sacral discomfort.

In this section of the website, I would like to explain to you how the idea came about to develop this line of anatomical supports which looks after your back in the various activities that you do during your day.

The Wellow product line includes

Wellow Sleep

the cervical cushion for sleep

Wellow Work

the cushion created to support your back when you work sitting at your desk

Wellow Drive

the cushion that ensures you adopt the best posture when driving

Backache and neck pains have also increased among young people

Throughout the world, about 80% of people will suffer from low back pain at least once in their lives. The backache does not only affect the lumbar area, but also the dorsal and cervical areas, and it is often due to incorrect posture or the presence of hernias or problems of misalignment of the spinal column.

Over the course of my time working as a family doctor, I have noticed a progressive increase in cases of neck pain and low back pain also among young people, with their heads and necks constantly bent forward. One of the main causes is Text Neck Syndrome, which consists of a series of symptoms and disturbances brought on by watching the display of tablets or smartphones for prolonged periods of time, with the head and neck in an incorrect position.

These reasons drove me to look for a solution that could combine prevention and treatment: and thus the Wellow range of anatomical cushions was created.

Prevention and treatment for pathologies and back pain with the Wellow range

Most people tend to neglect an important aspect: preventing these ailments is better than treating. Consequently, after years of work and experience in this field, I designed and produced the Wellow range of cushions, which ensures adequate support for the spine for the whole day: during work hours sitting at your desk, while driving and also during sleep.

Prevention is not the only aspect I thought about. In fact, I designed the Wellow cushions so that they could also help to treat cervical and lumbar pathologies at home, in the office and in the car. Indeed, by connecting a small appliance with miniaturized hi-tech technology, the cushions become a device for a session of pulsed electro-magnetic therapy (EMTP).

This translates into a significant saving both in terms of time and money, because you will no longer need to travel to the physiotherapist’s studio to undergo the specific treatments. Furthermore, since this equipment constitutes a medical device, you can deduct the cost from your medical expenses.

The Wellow range: patent and awards

The development work that went into creating these products was lengthy, but it led to the development of an optimum solution for resolving and preventing the problems of the cervical spine. My hard work and the efficacy of Wellow cushions were acknowledged with the awarding of the Bronze medal at the 18th International Exhibition of Science and Technology in Geneva, the most important global-level market-fair of its kind, organized with the patronage of the World Organization for Intellectual Property – OMPI, the Swiss Federal government, the State and City of Geneva.
In 2019 I also obtained the European Invention Patent for all the cushions in the Wellow range, an achievement which consolidates many years of work.

Happy surfing on this website

Before you leave this page, I recommend watching the videos that explain how the Wellow range functions and how it can improve the comfort of your back and help to counteract and prevent pains.