the postural cushion for your office chair

Wellow Work is the postural cushion for your office chair which, thanks to its anatomical shape, in addition to the one which is already in most office chairs, allows you to maintain the correct position for your lumbo-sacral spine during your work hours. In this way, it prevents the occurrence of lumbar pathologies (it is important to know that if the lumbar spine in the keyboard – monitor position re-adopts the correct posture in lordosis, as a consequence the cervical curvature also improves). Wellow Work supports the spinal column and reduces the pressure on the lumbar discs, thus preventing back pain.

If you do not have back pain, with Wellow Work you are simply preventing, whereas in the case of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) of the lumbo-sacral spine thanks to the magneto-therapy appliance, Wellow Work, from preventative support, transforms into a device capable of performing an effective magneto-therapy session while you work.
So Wellow Work intervenes, actively treating back disorders, in particular the lumbar sacral spine with an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action: the pulse emitted by the electromagnetic waves improves blood circulation and stimulates the promotion of endorphins, with a consequent reduction in pain.

Thanks to Wellow Work you can take care of your back using preventative action – making the most of the long hours you have to spend in front of your desk – and if you have pain you can avoid subjecting yourself to physiotherapy sessions, with an undeniable saving of time and money!

This anatomical support compensates for the lack of support in some office chairs which – despite being beautiful and pleasing design objects – are not suitable for sitting in for many hours due to rigid non-ergonomic backs. Wellow Work corrects and restores the natural curvature of the lumbosacral spine, and is made up of a hard support – which can be attached to the back of any office chair using straps – and a lumbar cushion which can be adjusted to suit the height of any user.

Conveniently small and easy to carry, Wellow Work is also ideal for those in smartworking. The Wellow Magneto-therapy device can be conveniently carried in a work bag.

Wellow Work is CE certified, It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible as a medical expense.

Technical details

dimensions of the rigid support (to be tied to the chair back) 38,5 x 27,5 x 2 cm
dimensions of the lumbar support cushion 28 x 20 x 7 cm
material The main cushion has a galvanised iron frame surrounded by velvet weighing 110g; the second cushion has a polyurethane core with a glued sheath for transmitting the magneto-therapy impulses.
characteristics of the material The material Wellow Work is made from is non-toxic, anti-mite, hypoallergenic and recyclable. The cushion does not have a removable cover and is not washable, it is sold sanitized.
Wellow magneto-therapy device This is a CE certified high-frequency pulsed medical device (2,8 MHz). The pulsed frequency is more effective for treatment purposes. The appliance does not need to be connected to an electrical supply in order to work, except when recharging the internal batteries.
colours available Black
Wellow warranty The lithium batteries in the device have a guarantee of 2 years, after which the appliance must be sent to Wellow so that the batteries can be replaced for a cost of 50€ and a further warranty of 2 years provided.
Notes The cushion is a medical device in class 1; if associated with magneto-therapy it becomes classified in class 2A. It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible as a medical expense.

Wellow prevents and treats

disorders of the cervical and lumbo-sacral curves for 24 hours a day

in bed, at your desk and while driving


Postura scorretta della schiena davanti al computer

The wrong position

Most office chairs and armchairs do not provide sufficient support to the spinal column, especially in the lumbar area. As a result, when we work sitting down for many hours, our vertebrae assume an incorrect position, which, over time, can damage them: the discs between the vertebrae can become compressed as the result of a transverse force (as shown in the diagram) and press backwards on the sciatic nerve roots.


Corretta postura della schiena al pc

The correct position with Wellow Work

In order to prevent lumbar disorders it is important, however, that the vertebral bodies are parallel (as in the diagram) and the stress distributed evenly between the discs: the anatomical shape of Wellow Work ensures the correct position of the spinal column and provides adequate support for the lumbar vertebrae, during the hours spent sitting at your desk.

The lumbar support provided by Wellow Work also produces a forward tilting of the pelvis, contributing to the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine in lordosis.
And there you have the benefits of healthy prevention explained.

Maximum Comfort at the right height

Wellow Work is made up of a rigid frame, easily connectable to the back of any work chair, and a lumbar cushion which can be easily adjusted according to the height of the user sitting at the desk. Thanks to Wellow Work, then, you can personalize your work station to obtain maximum comfort based on your height.

Wellow Work: the postural cushion for your office chair which prevents and treats lumbar disorders



Wellow Work has a unique inimitable shape, which supports the lumbar section of your spinal column and has been designed to guarantee the correct posture while working for many hours sitting at a desk. Wellow Work supports the spinal column and reduces the pressure on the lumbar discs, thus preventing back pain.


Wellow Work is combined with a miniaturised appliance for high-frequency pulsed electro-magnetic therapy, which relieves and treats musculoskeletal pains with an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action. This appliance connects to the cushion with a simple button and is recharged by connecting to an electrical supply.


Wellow Work adapts perfectly to office chairs of any type and can be used by people of any height, since the lateral adhesive straps allow you to position the lumbar cushion in the most comfortable position.


Wellow is a safe product. Designed by Dr. Fontanesi, medical expert in the prevention and treatment of back pain, it is made from top quality materials and produced in Italy. It is a certified medical device and consequently its purchase price is deductible from your tax declaration as medical expenses. Wellow cushions are CE certified products and covered by European patent.