Prevent and cure back pain even whilst driving!

Wellow Drive is the lumbar cushion for the car which allows you to assume and maintain the correct position for your back while you are driving and so prevent pains and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) of the spinal column, like for example herniated discs and low back pain.

These problems occur far more in those who spend many hours of the day in a car or another vehicle, such as for example lorry or bus drivers, representatives, couriers, transport workers and, in general, those who travel frequently for work. Indeed these categories are obliged to sit in the same position for many hours while driving and subject the spinal column to excessive overload which can result in strains and painful contractions of the muscles and lumbar vertebrae, which are those most stressed while driving.

Wellow Drive, thanks to its ergonomic shape, helps to prevent these problems, and MSD of the lumbar spine.
In the case of lumbar pain, by combining the Wellow Drive cushion with the Magneto-therapy appliance which connects to it easily, and once the machine is charged up at home, you can have a magneto-therapy session comfortably in your car. Thus, if you are well, you can use Wellow Drive for prevention, whereas if you have back pain, you can do a physiotherapy session during a long journey in the car.

The electromagnetic waves, in contact with your back, have an anti-inflammatory and pain-killing action and provide treatment while you travel, with an undeniable time and money saving compared to standard physiotherapy treatments (TENS, laser therapy and magneto-therapy) which require numerous sessions and frequent attendance at specialist centres.

Its contoured shape follows the natural curve of the spine and ensures maximum comfort, even after many hours of driving: the lateral wings also serve to keep the thorax in an upright position during the curves, reducing the centrifugal force that the back is subject to.

Wellow Drive can be used on all car seats and adjusted according to the height of the driver, by simply turning the cushion upside down as shown in the photo; Wellow Drive is CE certified, It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible as a medical expense.

Technical details

cushion dimensions 35 x 29 x 7 cm
features of the material The material Wellow Drive is made from is non-toxic, anti-mite, hypoallergenic and recyclable. The cushion does not have a removable cover and is not washable, it is sold sanitized.
magneto-therapy appliance This is a CE certified high-frequency pulsed medical device (2,8 MHz). The pulsed frequency is more effettive for treatment purposes. The appliance does not need to be connected to an electrical supply in order to work, except for when charging the internal batteries.
colours available black
warranty The lithium batteries in the device have a guarantee of 2 years, after which the appliance must be sent to Wellow so that the batteries can be replaced for a cost of 50€ and a further warranty of 2 years provided.
notes The cushion is a class 1 medical device; if combined with magneto-therapy it becomes class 2A. As a medical device, it is possible to deduct 19% of the purchase price as a medical expense.

Wellow prevents and treats

disorders of the cervical curve and lumbo-sacral curve for 24 hours a day

in bed, at your desk and in the car.


Postura scorretta della schiena in auto

The wrong position

Most car seats do not provide adequate support for the spine, especially in the lumbar section. When you drive for many hours, your vertebrae assume an incorrect position which, over time, can damage the vertebrae themselves and also the sciatic nerve, which becomes compressed (as can be seen in the diagram) following the transformation of the physiological lumbar lordosis into pathological kyphosis.


Corretta postura della schiena durante la guida

The correct position with Wellow Drive

With Wellow Drive your car seat supports the lumbar section of your spine and keeps it in the correct position while you are driving. In this way, it tilts your pelvis forward, which has two benefits: first, it restores the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine, stretching the entire spine upwards; and secondly it thereby also improves the cervical lordosis.

Maximum Comfort at the right Height

Since the lumbar support pad, highlighted by the red border, is offset by the height of the cushion, you simply need to turn it upside down in order to find the right position for you based on your height ( as can be seen from the animation to the side).

Wellow Drive: the lumbar cushion for the car which prevents and treats spine disorders



Wellow has a unique and inimitable shape, designed to guarantee the correct posture while driving: it helps to keep the spine in its natural position, prevents disorders such as herniated discs and subsequent pain in the lumbosacral area and the whole spinal column.


Wellow Drive is combined with a miniaturised appliance for high-frequency pulsed electro-magnetic therapy, that relieves and treats musculoskeletal pains with an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action. This appliance does not need to be connected to an electrical supply to work, since it is equipped with rechargeable internal batteries.


Wellow Drive adapts perfectly to every type of car seat and can be easily adjusted according to the height of the person, in order to offer maximum comfort whilst driving, even when sitting at the steering wheel for many hours.


Wellow Drive is a safe product. Devised by Dr. Fontanesi, medical expert in the prevention and treatment of back pain, it is made of top quality materials and produced in Italy. It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible in your tax declaration as a medical expense. Wellow cushions are CE certified products and covered by the European patent EP 3398648.