Wellow Sleep, the cushion for neck pain which prevents and treats

No more sleepless nights and neck ache!

Wellow Sleep with magneto-therapy is the cushion that allows you to adopt the correct posture while you sleep and so helps you to prevent musculoskeletal pain of the cervical spine and the lumbo-sacral spine.

Thanks to the magneto-therapy appliance sold in combination with the cushion, during sleep Wellow Sleep with magneto-therapy works on the areas of your neck and back using the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action of electromagnetic waves which improve blood flow and stimulate the production of endorphins, with a subsequent reduction in pain.

With Wellow Sleep it is also possible to treat acute and chronic pathologies, by offering a valid alternative to physiotherapeutic treatments (laser-therapy, TENS and other physical therapies) or the assumption of pain-killing drugs.

Thanks to Wellow Sleep with magneto-therapy, then, you can be treated at home and while you sleep, with significant savings in money and time!

The cushion is made of Memory Foam with non-toxic, anti-mite, hypoallergenic, recyclable materials for correct disposal of the product; it does not have a removable cover, it is not washable and is sold sanitized. Wellow Sleep with magneto-therapy is CE certified, It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible as a medical expense.

Technical details

cushion dimensions 70 x 45 x 12 cm
rigidity level the rigidity level is 45g/l
material Memory Foam is a visco-elastic material that, in contact with weight and heat is modified and “remembers” over time, the shape of the human body.
characteristics of the material Wellow Sleep cushions are made of non-toxic, anti-mite, hypoallergenic, recyclable material. The cushion is not washable and does not have a removable cover, it is sold sanitized.
magneto-therapy appliance  

It is classified as a CE certified, high-frequency, pulsed (2,8 MHz) medical device. The pulsed frequency is more effective for treatment purposes. The appliance must be connected to an electrical supply only for recharging the internal batteries, whereas when it is in use it only needs to be connected to the cushion via the appropriate button

warranty The lithium batteries in the device have a guarantee of 2 years, after which the appliance must be sent to Wellow so that the batteries can be replaced for a cost of 50€ and a further warranty of 2 years provided.
notes The cushion is a class 1 medical device; if combined with magneto-therapy it becomes classified in class 2A. It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible as a medical expense.

Wellow prevents and treats

disorders of the cervical and lumbo-sacral curve 24 hours a day

in bed, at your desk and in the car.


Postura scorretta per dormire con cervicale

Wrong position

During the night our bodies can assume an incorrect posture: this happens when we sleep on a pillow that is too high, too low, or however with an inadequate thickness. In these cases, the 7 cervical vertebrae are not well aligned and this wrong posture compresses the cervical nerve structures. This is why we often wake up in the morning with neck ache and joint pain.


Postura corretta per dormire con cervicale

The correct position with Wellow

In order to promote sleep and prevent disorders connected to the cervical syndrome it is important that the cervical vertebrae are aligned and the stress distributed evenly: the anatomical and differentiated section shape of Wellow Sleep ensures you adopt the correct position whether face up or on your side and guarantees quality rest.

Wellow Sleep: the benefits of the cushion for neck pain



Wellow has a unique inimitable shape, which guarantees the correct posture during sleeping hours and prevents neck pain. The material it is made of – Memory Foam – adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and allows you to adopt a more natural and comfortable position.


Wellow Sleep with magneto-therapy is combined with a miniaturised appliance for high-frequency pulsed electro-magnetic therapy, which relieves and treats neck pain with an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action. This appliance can be connected to the cushion with a simple button and be recharged by connecting to an electrical supply.


Wellow Sleep with magneto-therapy is an alternative to physiotherapy sessions and treats you while you sleep directly in your home, with a significant saving of time and money. It is a certified medical device and thus its cost is tax deductible as a medical expense.


Wellow is a safe product. Devised by Dr. Fontanesi, medical expert in the prevention and treatment of spine pains, it is made of top quality materials and produced in Italy. It is a certified product with a European patent and has been awarded the bronze medal at the International Exhibition of Science and Technology in Geneva.