How can you prevent and treat musculoskeletal disorders and live better? The doctor answers your questions

As you have had the possibility to read in the dedicated section of the site, Wellow is the range of anatomical cushions which helps you to prevent and treat some of the most common musculoskeletal disorders of the neck and spinal column during the night, at work and whilst driving; they are designed and created to provide support to the spinal column and allow it to maintain the correct posture of the spine 24 hours a day.

In this page I have brought together some of the questions that I’m most often asked about these products, along with the answers determined by 40 years of experience in the field of preventing and treating back pains and the spinal column. Should you have any other queries on this subject, do not hesitate to contact me.

The First step towards preventing back pain? Correct posture

Correct posture is important for preventing problems with the neck and spinal column, which unfortunately are very common these days, in all age ranges since, unfortunately – as the famous writer Alessandro Baricco suggests – the posture of the third millennium will be constantly sitting – keyboard – monitor. So here is some advice to help you to look after your back, not only while you are sleeping, but also while you are driving and working at your desk.

When you sleep you should assume a position which allows you to relax your muscles and avoid compressing the anatomical structures that are already so stressed during the day by incorrect posture. Most people sleep on their side: in this position, Wellow Sleep allows you to rest your cheeks on a flat surface (unlike all double wave cushions). For those who sleep on their back (supine position) Wellow Sleep provides support for the cervical vertebrae with the central pillar maintaining the physiological lordosis and aligning the larynx, in this way it can also significantly reduce the volume of snoring. Unfortunately, there is no preventative system for those who sleep in prone position (on their front), because on the contrary, it causes the torsion of the osteo-articular and muscular structures, including the larynx.

When you work sitting at a desk for many hours, the 5 lumbar vertebrae invert their natural curvature (called lordosis which becomes kyphosis). This inversion of curvature can only happen if the front of the discs is compressed. This prolonged compression over many hours exerts a force on the intervertebral discs that pushes them backwards, compressing the neurological structures that are there, including the roots of the sciatic nerve.

The anatomical shape of Wellow Work prevents this inversion of lordosis becoming kyphosis in the lumbar area, thus avoiding this compression during the hours that you spend sitting at your desk.

Normally, the backs of car seats do not have sufficiently pronounced curvature in the lumbar area for design reasons: this is why also in the car the natural curvature is inverted (lordosis) into the pathological curvature “kyphosis” of the lumbar vertebrae. The Wellow Drive cushion, placed on the seat of your car, creates the right support for the spinal column maintaining the physiological lordosis and thus carrying out effective prevention of the lumbar musculoskeletal disorders.

Chairs are often designed to be pleasing design objects, but very often they have rigid backs and not anatomical ones, not ideal for hours of sitting. The Wellow Work cushion makes up for this lack in ergonomic design.

Wellow and prevention: for which kind of disorders?

Due to incorrect posture and, especially in the last few years, the use of smartphones, tablets and other technological devices responsible for “Text Neck” syndrome, many people suffer from pathologies such as neck pain, herniated discs and also disorders of the musculoskeletal sections of the cervical and lumbo-sacral spine. The range of Wellow cushions is specially designed to prevent inflammation of the cervical, dorsal and lumbo-sacral muscles, and to guarantee you adopt the correct position at your desk, in your car and while sleeping.

Magneto-therapy for the treatment of neck and back pain

Whilst leafing through the product catalogue, you will have realised that all of the Wellow products can be connected to an appliance for high-frequency pulsed electro-magnetic therapy which, thanks to a pain-killing and anti-inflammatory action, helps to provide relief and treat musculoskeletal pains of the cervical spine and lumbo-sacral spine. What does this therapy consist of and what are the advantages? Let us look at this via some questions and answers which examine this topic in depth.

Magneto-therapy uses electromagnetic impulses to treat symptoms connected to inflammatory states of the osteo-articular and muscular structures. Its action reduces pain and assists recovery from the physiological condition, since the electromagnetic fields stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, by relaxing the muscles.

In nature a vicious circle is created around every site of inflammation, because the inflammation and the reflex muscle contraction generates vasoconstriction and this in turn leads to reduced oxygen flow and blood flow to the inflamed area. Magneto-therapy acts by relaxing the muscles and eliminating the vasoconstriction, thus improving blood and oxygen flow to the inflamed area and so reducing the pain without the need to take any medicines.

Magneto-therapy is particularly recommended for treatment of:

  • inflammatory muscular pain and neuralgia;
  • joint pain;
  • neck pain with secondary headache or low back pain with secondary sciatica;
  • post traumatic pain conditions.

Some subjects should use this type of treatment only under the supervision of a doctor and with a prescription:

  • anyone with a pacemaker;
  • pregnant women (but only as a precaution);
  • haemophiliacs
  • patients with serious cardiological or neurological pathologies.

Magneto-therapy requires medium-long treatment times. Cycles of 15 sessions are recommended with treatments of minimum 3 hours a day. So far, there have been no documented risks of overdose with scientific evidence. The Wellow magneto-therapy appliance switches off automatically after the three hours of recommended session.

Wellow and magneto-therapy

The appliance offered by Wellow – as with all other devices of this type – acts on the cells of the body “recharging them” with energy. In fact, living cells – both nerve and muscle cells – possess a membrane electric potential at rest (Em) which, following a trauma or lesion, can disperse. The electromagnetic impulses allow this lost charge to be re-integrated via a process of “cellular biostimulation” which reawakens the cell, by re-activating the self-healing process in our bodies.


Wellow equipment is a high-frequency pulsed (2.8MHz) medical device – CE certified and protected by European patent, born from my many years of experience in the medical field in contact with over a thousand patients. The treatment is managed by a microprocessor and is auto-scanning: thus it is sufficient to activate the therapy and a device emits the resulting electromagnetic field directly.

An electromagnetic wave is based on physical parameters which are frequency, intensity and power. The Wellow brand device uses a high-frequency wave, very low power and very limited intensity, which has a positive effect on the inflammatory processes of the superficial muscles just under the skin, without penetrating deeper.

This is a “pulsed” electromagnetic wave because its frequency varies over time within a certain range, with greater healing effect than a single frequency wave.

Yes, initially the appliance needs to be connected to an electrical supply in order to charge the internal batteries. When the Leds switch off this means that the batteries are fully charged. At this point, the device should be disconnected from the electrical supply and attached to a cable that at one end has a plug just over 1 cm long and on the other side a button that must be pressed onto the corresponding button on the cushion (for bed, office or car).

The appliance has a 2 year warranty because, for now, there is no rechargeable battery that can guarantee the cushion will work for more than two years. Furthermore, for reasons of hygiene, after two years it is also advisable to change the cushion.

The warranty does not cover the aesthetic parts and perishable and consumable material, nor does it cover any damage caused by improper use of the product, in particular, if it comes into contact with water or other liquids.

Once the 2 year warranty period is over the appliance can be sent to Wellow srl with an e-mail showing the serial number and, at a cost of just 50€, the rechargeable batteries will be replaced and the machine will be sent back to the customer.

It is important not to open the zip around the edge of the cushion because this will damage the impulse transmission network (EMTP). Doing this will render your warranty invalid.”

Yes, you can absolutely. You can connect the same appliance to all your Wellow cushions.

After opening the packaging, you will find the magneto-therapy-appliance and you will see that the transformer lead has a plug at one end to be attached to a socket in your house and at the other end it has to be attached to an adaptor which has a small trapezoid socket at one end which should be plugged into the side of the appliance with the black point upwards.
At this point the green LEDs light up in sequence.

When the LEDs switch off, this indicates that the appliance batteries are re-charged. This lead can then be unplugged from the socket and the appliance and then you take the other small short lead that at one end has a pin to be inserted in the side of the equipment in one of the two 2 small holes on the side of the appliance, while at the other end there is a female snap fastener which has to be pressed hard onto the male snap fastener on the cushion. In this way you convert the Wellow cushions into Devices. Once you have connected the components, you can start your EMTP Pulsed Magneto-therapy session at home.

With Wellow, treating your back and neck is convenient

Yes. Because this is considered a medical device, if you have a prescription from your doctor or a specialist (physiatrist or orthopedist), you can deduct of the purchase cost as a medical expense, simply by attaching the receipt to your tax declaration documents.

Yes. Wellow cushions have been designed and manufactured thanks to more than 40 years in the medical profession in contact with people affected by disorders of the cervical and spinal column and they were awarded the Bronze Medal at the 18th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Wellow is a CE certified product and protected by patent EP 3398648.